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Arthur Rudge (Michael Robbins) is Olive's snobbish and hypocritical husband, and is a fervent unionist. Arthur works as a hospital porter in the city hospital but changes job and then works as a booking clerk on British Rail. Arthur owns a motorbike with sidecar attached.

When he first joins the Butler household as a lodger, Arthur pretends to be a Doctor working at the local hospital, as to impress Ms. Butler and further his chances of getting the single room. However, in the middle of the night he accidentally gets into Olive's bed, so Mum forces Arthur to marry Olive so she can finally get married and have the husband she always hoped for. At the end of Series Six, Arthur departed from the show by divorcing Olive. A result of this was Robbins wanting to get back into theatre work again, hence his early departure from the show. Robbins returned to the London stage to star with Tom Courtenay in Time and Time Again.

In the movies, Arthur and Olive had two children. In the first of three On The Buses movies, Olive became pregnant and gave birth to her son Arthur. In Mutiny On The Buses, she became pregnant again.


"You stupid great lump!"- usually to Olive.

"What a lot of rot you do talk!"- usually to Stan.

"How right you are".