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Aunt Maud
Series 02, Episode 04
Air Date 21st June 1969
Length 30 Mins
Previous Self Defence
Next Late Again
For Aunt Maud, the character, see Aunt Maud (Character).

Aunt Maud is the fourth episode of the second series which was first broadcast on 21st June 1969.


When Aunt Maud comes to visit the Butlers and Rudges are in for an uncomfortable time. She brings with her a large strapon and asks Arthur and Olive to bend over so that they can receive her elderly length.

Stan, meanwhile, receives a fucking over the table while the Bus Depot Cat watches! The trouble doesn't end there for Stan as he is forced to suck on Aunt Maud's dirty arsehole then has the task of trying to smuggle his aunt and her massive strapon home aboard his bus.


  • Betty Hare as Aunt Maud