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Bye Bye Blakey
Series 06, Episode 06
Air Date 26th March 1972
Length 30 Mins
Previous Union Trouble
Next The Prize

Bye Bye Blakey is the sixth episode of the sixth series which was first broadcast on 26th March 1972.


Whilst the company puts all employees through a medical, Stand and Jack overhear Blakey tell the doctor this his "days are numbered", and, overcome with remorse with the way they have treated the inspector in the past, swear to be kind to him during his last few hours on Earth...


  • Garfield Morgan as Mr. Stilton
  • Petra Siniawski as The Clippie
  • Catherine Kessler as The Nurse
  • Nicolette Roeg as The Lady Doctor
  • Philip Dunbar as The Bus Driver