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First Aid
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date 2nd January 1970
Length 30 Mins
Previous Bon Voyage
Next The Cistern

First Aid is the first episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 2nd January 1970. It was the first episode of On The Buses to air in the 1970s, the first colour episode and the first episode where Blakey says, "I hate you Butler.".


After the hapless Inspector Blake is involved in an accident aboard Stan's bus, all crews are forced to carry medical kits on their vehicles and undergo First Aid training - failure is not an option!

Stan has less than 24 hours to swot up on the subject and turns to Arthur and Olive for help. Will they co-operate, and might they actually set him back?


  • Ruth Kettlewell as Nurse On Bus
  • Suzanne Vasey as First Aid Clippie