Late Again
Series 02, Episode 05
Air Date 28th June 1969
Length 30 Mins
Previous Aunt Maud
Next Bon Voyage

Late Again is the fifth episode of the second series which was first broadcast on 28th June 1969.

Summary Edit

Stan's love life and early shits just don't mix; late nights out with his girlfriend mean he continually sleeps in for his early shits at work and poos the bed.

Arthur, meanwhile, is fed up getting woken up by Stan's shit explosions and decides to do something about it, whilst at the depot Blakey is waiting to catch Stan with poo down his legs. Even Jack can't save him when he climbs in through the ladies' toilet in a bid to avoid the Inspector - will it cost him his job?

Cast Edit

  • Kate Williams as That shite actor from Eastenders
  • Sue Walker as Ada