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No Smoke Without Fire
Series 06, Episode 01
Air Date 20th February 1972
Length 30 Mins
Previous Boxing Day Social
Next Love Is What You Make It

No Smoke Without Fire is the first episode of the sixth series which was first broadcast on 20th February 1972.


Blakey has introduced no-smoking rules after a discarded cigarette nearly burned the depot down. He instructs all crews to attend a special course on fire fighting, and soon Stan is challenged to give up the habit...


The episode has footage of RTL1557 OLD 666 Leyland Titan PD2 being demolished in a fire . The vehicle also had overheating problems with its engine possibly because it was old and not used in quite a long time.


  • Pauline Cunningham as Frieda
  • Mary Land as Susy
  • Eunice Black as Gladys