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OLD 666 was one of the buses operated by the Luxton & District Traction Company, the bus was featured in the episode; No Smoke Without Fire.

OLD 666 was an old double decker that was prone to overheating and at times; break down, the bus's name come from the bus's number plates; OLD 666.

No Smoke Without Fire[]

Stan and Jack were forced to take OLD 666 as their bus was out of service and OLD 666 was the only other bus available, during the journey, OLD 666 overheated and then broke down, while waiting for the bus to cool down, Stan and Jack were in the bus with two trainee clippies, a short time later, another bus pulls in behind with Blakey onboard and tells Stan and Jack that they're late and tells the clippies to get on the other bus, when OLD 666 cools down and is able to start, Blakey climbs aboard OLD 666 and tells Stan and Jack to turn around and change the destination boards, unaware that smoke (from Stan's cigarette end) had set the used tickets alight.

The smoke then turned into a fire due to Jack dropping one of the fire extinguishers out of the back of the bus and Stan's fire extinguisher being faulty after pulling into a nearby field where they were unsuccessful in putting out the fire and rescued Blakey from the top deck by using a fence as improvised ladder, the fire then later engulfed the entire bus and was left to burn.

It was later revealed that fire was caused by faulty wiring and as a result, the insurance company paid out for a new bus.

OLD 666 was later seen in the field as burnt out wreck.


  • In the episode, OLD 666 is a 1954 Leyland Titan PD2 RTL1557 that had been used by Monty Python on various occasions.
  • The number plates were London issued number plates from November 1953 to December 1955.