Olive Takes A Trip
Series 01, Episode 03
Air Date 14 March 1969
Length 30 minutes
Previous The New Conductor
Next Bus Drivers' Stomach

Olive Takes A Trip is the third episode of the first series which was first broadcast on 14th March 1969.

Summary Edit

Stan is in for a shock when Olive gets a job as a clippie at the bus depot. Things get even worse when she is put on his bus and disaster ensues.

She proceeds to get trapped in the bus doors and suffers from travel sickness, but can Stan and mum stop Olive from getting the sack or will Stan's ingenuity save the day?

Full plot Edit

'To be added'

Cast Edit

  • Geoffrey Denton as Old Gentleman
  • Terry Duggan as Irate Passenger
  • Michael Slater as Family Man

Trivia Edit

  • At one point, Stan's Mum compares Olive's trip to astronauts that went to the moon, but this episode aired 4 months before the moon landing.