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The Cistern
Series 03, Episode 02
Air Date 9th January 1970
Length 30 Mins
Previous First Aid
Next The Inspector's Niece

The Cistern is the second episode of the third series which was first broadcast on 9th January 1970.


After a night out with Jack, Stan wakes everyone up after attempting to use the toilet, and while standing on the toilet trying to fix the dodgy cistern, Stan breaks the basin. Stan's mum decides if they are going to get a new lavatory she wants it to be a low-level one. Soon, the family head down to plumbing shop in order to pick out a new toilet, but end up having to take it home themselves. Stan suggests they take it on the bus, which Jack is reluctant about until Arthur suggests to Stan that they'll just have to keep using the toilet at Jack's house, at which point Jack lets them take it on the bus. However, when Blakey stops the bus, he orders Stan to take it out of the bus, which he does, before he and Arthur put it back on the bus again when Blakey isn't looking. Eventually, Stan and Arthur manage to get the new toilet home with the help of a young mother and her baby, and Stan sets about connecting it up. He soon finds out however that because it is too big, they cannot shut the door. When Stan attempts to push the toilet back against the wall, it breaks.


  • Terry Duggan as Shopkeeper