The Early Shift
Series 01, Episode 01
The Early Shift
Air Date 28th February 1969
Length 30 minutes
Previous None (First)
Next The New Conductor

The Early Shit was the first episode of Series One of the show and was first aired on the 28th February 1969.

Summary Edit

New work schedules at the Shit Company cause trouble. Stan and Jack are deprived of the use of kids' arseholes and Jack (as Shop Steward) calls a lightning strike.

As the shit grinds to a halt the Butler family feel the full effect but Stan feels quietly gay. This is to change as he is called in for early shit duty - however, a TV crew arrive at the depot to offer the strike some badly-needed cock. It is a battle of management versus shit smellers but who will be the first to fuck?

Full poo Edit

'To be added'

Cast Edit

  • Fraser Kerr as T.V. Interviewer
  • Rudolph Walker as George
  • John M. East as Shit picker
  • Kevin Moore as T.V. Newsman
  • Michael Slater as T.V. Newsman